Dorothy L. Sayers™* Annals of Femmenism #1:
Dear Naomi Wolf:
Everybody groaned when you wrote a book about all the trouble you had being a pretty girl.
Now you have written a book about your vagina. Nobody even wants to think about your vagina.
It’s a book about how you lost your orgasm, and Freud. Freud is dead, Naomi. The only people who believe in Freud are aging atheist chicks like you who were brought up by their Freud-washed mothers to believe that there are two kinds of orgasms, one, dyadic and het, for grownups and one for onanist perverts, and that the achievement of the one was literally the confirmation or bat mitzvah, the rite of passage,for atheist chicks. Thence the famous characterization of het sex, “He’s trying too hard not to, she’s trying too hard to.”
Orgasms as Freud prescribed them are one of those things Venus Xtravaganza, the tranny philosopher of Paris Is Burning, would have longed for as something belonging to white bitches in the suburbs. The only thing about Freud that is still relevant, Naomi, is something he’s wrong about, the permutations through Lacan in post-modernism. And this Freudian thread, despite post-modernism’s thrilling new frontiers of queer theory, is the most seriously fallacious aspect of all the Afro pomo homo thought.
Naomi, you are a 19th century Viennese gasbag. Move along.
English: Naomi Wolf at the 2008 Brooklyn Book ...

English: Naomi Wolf at the 2008 Brooklyn Book Festival in New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dorothy L. Sayers™* Annals of Femmenism #2:
The minute I saw the rear view picture of UVA president Teresa Sullivan addressing the freshmen at Mr. Jefferson’s uni, I knew exactly why she had been fired.
Nevertheless, I kept reading. And as usual in graf #47, found the real fattist, ageist story:
“Some of Sullivan’s allies suggest, discreetly, that she didn’t fit the board’s image of a chief executive. She is in her 60s and has the fashion sense of an academic. In a personnel review process last year, Dragas, who is immaculately tailored, told Sullivan that she received comments from several board colleagues, questioning whether her wardrobe was occasionally too informal.
“I don’t know what the unprofessional dress was,” Sullivan said. “I do live here at the university, so when I’m working out or doing something else here, people will see me.” It’s hard to imagine anyone leveling such criticism at, say, the famously rumpled former Harvard president Larry Summers. “People are very much aware that I’m the first woman president of Virginia,” she said. “It would be naïve to think it’s not there as an issue.” Dragas calls the suggestion that she judged Sullivan by her appearance “ridiculous,” adding, “If the president had been a man, I would have conveyed the same sentiments from the board, no question about it.”

She looks like somebody’s midwestern grandma, and that will never do. Great case of female sexism. Shame on you, board chair Helen Dragas.
*”Time and trouble will tame an advanced young woman, but an advanced old woman is uncontrollable by any earthly force.” – D.L.S.