Angelica Garnett, by her father, Duncan Grant, 1940.

Angelica Bell, by her mother, Vanessa Bell.

Angelica Garnett, 2010.

Princess of Bloomsbury, its last eyewitness.

Born Christmas Day at Charleston, the country house nexus of the early 20th century modernists and their influential, socialist Omega Workshops decorating style. Third generation atheist and Bohemian. The beloved one scion of many non-breeders. Niece of Virginia Woolf. Keynes used to throw bath salts in her tub as a child and later tried to warn her off marrying her father’s lover. Keynes had been her father’s lover too. They never told her until it was too late.

She won a prize for her memoir, Deceived with Kindness. Her niece, named after Virginia,  wrote the best book on how hipster libertarians cheat their children.

Angelica Bell and her aunt, Virginia Woolf.